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Wood Pellet

Currently the wood pellets used as fuel is the belle of the world, especially in a country that has four seasons as a substitute for coal (part / whole) in a coal power plant, heating, biomass stoves, and drying the laundry services.
Wood pellet is a renewable fuel and environmentally friendly, while coal is not renewable and less environmentally friendly. Therefore, the use of coal at international level is reduced gradually. So, there are opportunities to increase the supply of electricity nationwide through the wood pellet fuel. Wood pellets caloric equivalent of a low-calorie coal.
Lower carbon production than coal.
The cost of electricity generated from wood pellets substitute of coal equal to the produced natural gas is certainly cheaper than coal.
Demand of wood pallets coming from all over the world continue to flock to Indonesia that should be used to increase incomes.
Because of these conditions, we are offering wood pellets to export quality with competitive prices.

Fix Carbon 15% Minimum
Ash Content 1% Maximum
Volatile Matter 80% Maxiumum
Chlorine 0.2% Maximum
Calorie 4,200 Kcal
Size 6 mm – 8 mm
Minimum Order 25 MT
Packing Jumbo Bags 500 – 550 Kg NW

In the near future we will build a new manufacturing wood pellets and wood briquettes so that we can maintain the quantity given the world demand continues to grow rapidly.