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Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal is an export commodity that is in demand by the domestic market and the overseas markets. Because demand is very large, so we take this opportunity by using raw materials from Jambi Sumatra.

Besides being used as an environmentally friendly combustion materials, coconut shell charcoal is used for a wide variety of industries such as activated carbon, pharmaceutical industry, air filters in air-conditioning, water filter, gold metal industry, fertilizer industry and many more uses.

We offer coconut shell charcoal production is the result of cooperation partner companies located in Jambi with quality as below.

Size 4mm-8mm
Moisture 10% maximum
Volatile Matter 10% maximum
Ash Content 5% maximum
Fix Carbon 75% minimum
Sulfur < 0.05%
Calorific Value 7,000 Kcal minimum
Packing PP Bags @ 20 Kg NW
Minimum Order 1 X 20’ (11 MT)
Supply Ability 100 MT/month