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Briquette of Empty Palm Fruit Bunch

Currently renewable energy that is friendly to the environment is needed the world, one of which is utilizing empty palm fruit bunch into biomass briquettes.

Biomass briquette have wide application as fuel either for household usage or for larger industrial applications in producing heat and electricity generation. 

Global interests on renewable energy has put biomass briquette as among potential replacement as fuel for fossil fuel fired cogeneration  plant in particularly coal.

Empty Fruits Bunch (EFB) have long been identified and utilized as sustainable Renewable Energy (RE) fuels in the world. With enormous interests on sustainability development of the industry , environmental concerns, the utilization of could be expended and efficiently used as feedstock for value added products and resources of renewable energy.

Size 54 mm X 300 mm (hexagonal)
Moisture 7% maximum
Ash COntent 10% maximum
Sulfur < 0.07%
Calorific Value 3,500 Kcal minimum
Packing Board Box 20 Kg NW
Minimum Order 1 X 40’ (26 MT)
Supply Ability 1,000 MT/month