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About Us

In 2006 we opened a company named PT. Multicrop Trading, based in Bandung West Java is engaged in exports of agricultural products, plantation and fisheries where some of the products we export to South Korea, Singapore, UAE, Egypt, India and Pakistan.

PT. Muticrop Trading was established in engaged in palm kernel shell charcoal processing located in Muaro Bungo Jambi, Sumatra where our products are exported to Japan, China and Taiwan.

Some export quality products that we have among others: Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal (PKSC), Wood Pellets, Wood Briquette, Wood Briquette Charcoal, Coconut Shell Charcoal, Palm Kernel Shell (PKS), Cocofiber, Cocopeat, EFB Briquette (Empty Fruit Bunch), Pineapple, Honey Sweet Potato (Ubi Cilembu), Spices (Clove, Fresh Ginger), Essential Oils (Patchouli Oils, Vetiver Oil, Clove Leaf Oil) and so on.

To support the transportation for export , we cooperate with freight forwarder named SAN, so we particularly have many advantages and experience from supplying materials up to the shipment to overseas.

We are committed to becoming a leading supplier of high-quality naturally agriculture products through our quality control to deliver products that guarantee customer satisfaction.

PT Multicrop Trading are being managed efficiently by a team of well experienced and professionally qualified personnel in their respective fields of activity. The company’s management comprises of Directors and Managers who are having vast experience in processing natural products and energy and general business management.