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In 2006 we opened a company named PT. Multicrop Trading, based in Bandung West Java is engaged in exports of agricultural products, plantation and fisheries where some of the products we export to South Korea, Singapore, UAE, Egypt, India and Pakistan.

PT. Muticrop Trading was established in engaged in palm kernel shell charcoal processing located in Muara Bungo Jambi, Sumatra where our products are exported to Japan, China and Taiwan. More Info


Our Mission & Vision:

Our commitment is to provide quality products exports from Indonesia are required by our customers in the fields of energy, agriculture, plantation and fishery. We are aware that to achieve our goal we must provide the best quality to each of our customers. And this we do, so our company continues to grow up and we were able to face global competition.  We are committed to becoming a leading supplier of high-quality naturally agriculture products through our quality control to deliver products that guarantee customer satisfaction. We opens the hand with any party in the collaboration.

Our Service:

We attract customers with long-term goals who stay with us for years. Because of long-term relationships like these, we never want to disappoint. We get to know our customers and their intermediaries over time. We always provide good service to every customer and our business partners, because our company is also engaged in trade and services that relate directly to its customers.


Why Choose Us:

We are producing several products with the best quality and have many partner as strong sourcing network in the country, so that we can maintain the quality and quantity.

Our Target Market:

In addition to the market that we already have, we are currently developing some market share to other countries. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal (PKSC)

Along with the development of the company, we open other business sectors which is manufacturing of Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal (PKSC). The raw material was taken from all over palm oil plantation in Muara Bungo Jambi.  More

 Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)

In addition we produce palm kernel shells into charcoal, we also do business selling palm kernel shells (raw material), which we get the materials from plantations in Sumatera or we take from several areas in Kalimantan. More

Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut_Shell_Charcoal (300 x 150)Coconut shell charcoal is an export commodity that is in demand by the domestic market and the overseas markets. Because demand is very large, so we take this opportunity by using raw materials from Jambi Sumatra. More



IMG_20150430_132704-480x396We have a source pineapple from Subang, West Java and Lampung, Sumatera. Pineapple is one of the seeded fruit Indonesian commodities are much favored local communities and overseas because it has a distinctive sweet and sour taste. Pineapple that we have are varieties of Cayenne,the leaves are not barbed More

Wood Pellet

img_pellets_plantCurrently the wood pellets used as fuel is the belle of the world, especially in a country that has four seasons as a substitute for coal (part / whole) in a coal power plant, heating, biomass stoves and drying the laundry service. Wood pellet is a renewable fuel and environmentally friendly More

Honey Sweet Potatoes

IMG_4278These honey sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) are grown in the area Cilembu, Sumedang district, West Java. Cilembu honey sweet potato known because it has a sweeter taste than another sweet potato. To get a taste of the sweet, mostly potato after harvest should stored for some time. More


Briquette of Empty Fruit Bunch

IMG_20150530_095621Currently renewable energy that is friendly to the environment is needed the world, one of which is utilizing empty palm fruit bunch into biomass briquettes. Biomass briquette have wide application as fuel either for household usage or for larger industrial applications in  More